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Article: Dog & Gun Coffee

Dog & Gun Coffee

Dog & Gun Coffee is fuel for the intrepid explorers, the hunters and the gatherers, the thrill-seekers and those who simply feel at home in the wild.

Dog & Gun Coffee is an exceptional company, with whom we share the deep passion and unwavering commitment to our values. We are both fervently dedicated to promoting an active outdoor lifestyle, with an unyielding devotion to conservation and providing only the highest quality products for our customers. By joining forces, we are able to offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience for those who share our love and appreciation for nature and the environment. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of a world where people can connect with nature and live a wilder, more fulfilling life. 

Skeleton Optics Australia has partnered with Dog & Gun Coffee to provide a complimentary gift with every purchase made on our online store. Customers will be delighted to find a free sample packet of either D&G’s robust Sambar dark roast or their velvety Red Stag medium roast, included with their order. Dog & Gun Coffee, procure their beans from the finest coffee growing regions across the globe and utilize state-of-the-art roasting machines to deliver fresh, consistent, and delectable coffee. Their ingenious Pre-Loaded Drip Filters enable anyone to brew a cafe-standard coffee with minimal equipment, allowing you to savor a superb cup of coffee even when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Red Stag™ is Dog & Guns signature medium roast. Like your trusty .308 - it's proven, reliable and versatile. This is a super smooth coffee and our most popular roast for good reason.


Sambar™ is Dog & Gun's heavy-hitting dark roast. This is the .50cal of the coffee world. Full-bodied with a bold flavour, it's perfect for those who like a little more oomph in their coffee.

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Exclusive Modern Huntsman Launch

Exclusive Modern Huntsman Launch

Exclusive Modern Huntsman launch. Skeleton Optics and Modern Huntsman have partnered to announce the release of the Decoy Tortoise Shell and Special Edition Blaze Orange Frames.

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