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Experience the superior fusion of style and performance with Skeleton Optics' Decoy sunglasses. Engineered for those who seamlessly transition between work and play, these frames provide the perfect balance between comfort, style, and utility. Our sunglasses boast polarized polycarbonate lenses from the prestigious Carl Zeiss Vision, providing 100% UV protection and preserving your vision from harmful rays. But the Decoy frames don't stop at safeguarding your sight; they enhance it. With an advanced TRI-PEL/RI-PEL coating, we have prioritized clarity, ensuring a pristine viewing experience. For the sport enthusiasts, we've incorporated a premium hard coating that defends against scratches and impacts, making them the perfect accessory for your outdoor endeavors. Crafted with durable Grilamid® TR-90, the Decoy frames provide lasting durability, unmatched resilience to chemicals, and an exceptional fit courtesy of a Base Curve 6 design. Designed and manufactured in Italy, these sunglasses echo the country's long-standing tradition of creating superior eyewear.


DECOY - ORIGINAL EDITION Sale price$329.00
Matte Black Sunglasses with Blaze Orange LogoDECOY - MODERN HUNTSMAN BLAZE ORANGE EDITION
Matte Black Sunglasses with Gray Polarised lensesDECOY - BLACKOUT EDITION
DECOY - BLACKOUT EDITION Sale price$339.00
Matte Gray Sunglasses with gray lensesDECOY - WOLF GRAY
DECOY - WOLF GRAY Sale price$339.00
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses with Bronze LensesDECOY - MODERN HUNTSMAN TORTOISE SHELL
Save $89.00Matte Black Sunglasses with Breast Cancer Pink Logo on templeDECOY - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS LIMITED EDITION
DECOY - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS LIMITED EDITION Sale price$250.00 Regular price$339.00
Clear Frame Sunglasses with polarised blue lenses DECOY - ARCTIC EDITION
DECOY - ARCTIC EDITION Sale price$359.00